What Did I Rock for NYE?

With a white tank, black chain necklace, long black cardigan, black tights and black pumps. 

Sorry there are no good pictures of my wearing this in real life, but I'm looking for options on how to wear this sparkly skirt again. And you have to help me. I'm thinking about wearing it to the Grace Potter and the Nocturnals concert tomorrow night, with tights, flat boots, and a blazer... but I don't know. Might be too cold outside and too hot inside. 

All I know is, I need to wear this skirt again. NYE is over. Birthday is over. And no big events (worthy of a sequin skirt) on the horizon. Help. 


katehutson said...

I think you could tone down the sparkliness of this for the office, even, by wearing a fitted white button-up with a cute grey or black cardigan. Make the top half of your outfit more casual to balance the dressiness of the skirt by haphazardly rolling up your shirt cuffs over the cardigan sleeves to mid-forearm and wear a wrist watch, tights and your hair in a bun or low pony tail. If you have a pair of short, unassuming flat black boots, that would also make it more casual. You can definitely wear this again, just play around with different pieces in your wardrobe. Wear more typical fabrics with it and you'll be golden. :)

PS: for the ultimate inspiration in mixing and matching fabrics/styles/colors/dressy & casual, order a J. Crew catalog IMMEDIATELY. Thank me later. ;)

katehutson said...

*tuck the white button up into the skirt

Danielle said...

Thanks for the tips, Kate!

I actually wore it Friday for the concert with black tights, flat camel-colored boots, a cropped black jacket and an untucked white racerback tee. Untucking the tee definitely made it more casual, which I liked.

While I was getting ready I also played around with pairing it with a green military jacket, a loose blazer, a mustard yellow cardigan and an unticked button-down. I can't wait to wear the skirt again!

And I LOVE JCrew catalogs!

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