The Best Belated 'Best Of' List This Side of the Mississippi.

Ugh, I've been feeling majorly unmotivated lately. I thought after a nice long break from work over the holidays consisting of watching a lot of TV and eating a lot of candy I would be ready to get back to real life but I am so so not. All I want to do is sleep in. I can't find enough hours in the day to watch TV. I've barely blogged. I even have this obligatory 'best of' post sitting in the wings, unfinished, that I was really excited to write and now don't really care about.

Maybe it's a sign I should just look forward to 2011, instead of backward at 2010? Or maybe I'm just in a funk. 

Either way, 2010 was a good year for me....
  • I got a job working with blogs, Twitter, Facebook and the internets, which is fan-freakin-tastic. 
  • I moved into my own place, and despite some mishaps (major gas leak, anyone?) I haven't destroyed the place yet. 
  • I acquired a new sidekick in the form of a boy.... some people call that a 'boyfriend'
  • A producer from MTV called my cell phone.... which then led to me participating in a contest to become MTV's first ever Twitter Jockey... which meant my sweet little face was in local newspapers, websites, St. Louis Magazine, Show Me St. Louis, not to mention on actual commercials on MTV. It also meant I got to meet a bunch of great new people, take a little trip to NYC (my first!) and go to the live taping of the TJ finale. 
  • I took a number of random little road trips to Kansas City, Columbia, Grafton/Alton, Missouri wineries, Tablerock Lake... and a not so little, not so random road trip to DC to visit my sister and brother-on-law for Thanksgiving. 
  • I discovered lots of new things to like.... Foursquare, Hootsuite, Groupon, Avett Brothers, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Ray LaMontagne, Mumford and Sons, Treme, Boardwalk Empire, The Sing Off, Pretty Little Liars, Chopped, Bored to Death, cardigans, flat boots, Marcel the Shell...
  • I got an iPad. And a MacBook Pro. And Apple TV. (Thanks Atomicdust). 
  • I decorated my very own Christmas tree (with borrowed ornaments). 
  • I taught my dog how to sit while I'm putting his leash on him, how to sneeze and howl on demand and how to cuddle with me on the couch. Big steps
  • I started this blog. 
  • I said goodbye to Lost... and my world didn't end. 
  • I ate, drank and ate some more at wonderful places like Broadway Oyster Bar, Sasha's, Atomic Cowboy, Molly's, Robust, Local Harvest, Kota, LeGrand's, Blueberry Hill, Tap Room, Bridge, iTap, 33 Wine Bar, Par, Lola, Herbie's, Benton Park, Feraro's, Pi and some many more. Yes, even 1860s. 
  • I started reading more blogs than is probably humanly possible. 
Dear 2010, you were a blast. Let's hope your sister, 2011 (what? the year feels pretty feminine so far...) is just as good. 

Happy (sort of) New Year!


chelsea said...

I've been putting off a best of post too. nice work, it was a BIG year for "another blog!" next year: the world.

Amanda K said...

Jeeze, you have been lazy...

Cara Stuckel said...

This was great. You are a rockstar but I already knew this! i didn't need the reminder.

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