Overpromised + A List

So I overpromised with that everyday thing. I blaming it on the fact that I don't bring my laptop home most nights – leaving me desktopless. Let's try once a week instead....

I think one of the reasons blogging has become so difficult for me is that it's intimidating. I have old folders and bookmarks with "content" to blog about, but somewhere along the way, got over the idea of referring to my life as content. So, the lists kept building. Vacations. Screenshots. Hairstyles. Clothes. Interior Decorating. Thoughts. Feelings. Fears.

I feared that when I opened blogger, I would need to spend hours and hours catching you up. (And who is YOU anyway?) So maybe, I just won't. Maybe, I'll stop obsessing over what I forgot to blog about it and just record it when I have time or feel like it. (And whoever YOU is, I understand this makes for a terrible reading experience for you. Apologies.)

I heard on a podcast that to keep yourself more present (and sane), you should make lists. It sounds obvious, yes, but it helps to get it out of your head and clear your mind of having to store/remember it.

So, in lieu of actually writing about all these things right now, here is a list of things to (or to not be) shared at a later date.

  • My PNW trip, of course
  • My holiday decorations, which were, IMO, on point this year. 
  • All the fun things I did over the holidays – Brewery Lights, Garden Glow, hours and hours and hours of Hallmark movies
  • "Couple Privilege"
  • Hot dads and why I love them even though I don't know if I want kids 
  • Favorite Plated meals lately
  • To the cute moms in ponytails at the playground, I'm secretly jealous of you
  • Travel plans for 2016/17
  • Home decor plans for this year
  • 2016 being the year of the new car... maybe
  • Why online dating is the worst (especially when you're not really all in)
  • Why NYE is the worst
  • Why birthdays are the worst
  • How adult dating is difficult (and people who last dated in high school / college / early 20s trying to give you advice is the WORST)
  • On being an aunt
  • On what I'm looking forward to in the coming months
  • On not trying to live a curated life
I'm going to be honest. Halfway through this, I looked at this list and was like... I am not publishing that. Or I am going to publish it and delete it in an hour. I have definitely written more personal things than this silly list.... but something about it felt, not only personal, but half hazard and not well thought out. 

And then I remembered the last goal I added into my 52 Lists goals for this year – Don't live a curated life

That in part, was what drove me away from blogging to begin with and seemed silly to censor myself now, having that goal in the back of my mind. 

So, publish. 

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