Ironically enough, yesterday I was wondering to myself if I was a good person, or a pushover. I was in the midst of going out of my way for a friend, after having just been burned by another just a few days before. 'Am I doing them a solid? Or being taken advantage of?' I wondered.

And today, someone told me I 'bent over'. After I did something that I think was the right thing to do, the nice thing to do.

All too often, I'm upset because people let me down or didn't follow through or didn't do for me like I feel I've done for them. And now, it makes me wonder, am I just doing too much? Am I doing too much for the wrong people?

Or is it just me? Am I a pushover?

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Myah said...

Hey Danielle!
I struggle with this too! I find that all too often I am willing to go out of my way for people who would not do the same for me. Sometimes when you are kind it can be easy to get taken advantage of. Usually if I find that I am continually going out of my way for people and continually getting hurt, I re-evaluate the situation and sometimes alter my behavior. In the end, it is wonderful to be kind, but the person you are emotionally responsible for is yourself. If you feel pushed over do something different.
Hope that helps :-)
The Happy Healthy Whole Girl

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