Lazy Girl's DIY: Metallic Gold Splatter-Paint Balloons

I had seen this on Pinterest a while back and was eager to try it for Megan and Charles' Engagement Party. It's great if you want to do something a little more special/trendy than just latex balloons, but are on a budget. And happy to report it was even easier than it looks. 

You'll need -
  • craft paint (I used a metallic gold)
  • a couple paint brushes
  • water
  • plastic cup
  • tarp or trash bags... or a patio / grass you don't mind getting a little paint on. 
  • latex balloons (I ordered these from a local Party City)

Mix the paint and the water. Half and half maybe? I just guessed until I got a nice, watery texture.

Lay out your tarp / trash bags / some sort of plastic, or if you really don't care about a little paint in your grass or patio feel free to skip it.

For the balloons, I'd recommend getting latex balloons on weights, so you can fold the strings down and get them lower to the ground and not blowing around as much. Makes painting them much easier! I also splurged on the upgraded air that lasts for 24 hours, as opposed to 6 or 7. That gives you more time to get the balloons, paint them, shower to get any paint off yourself, and have the balloons dry before your event.

Then... just start painting. Use your brushes to flick paint at the balloons or drizzle it on top. Make sure you get the tops, the underside, and different angles. I did this for seriously five or ten minutes. No time at all. 

Then I just let them dry for about an hour, whisked them off the the event and let the compliments start pouring in :)

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