If I Had Won the Powerball Last Night...

Someone in Missouri won the Powerball millions last night... but it wasn't me. #wimpwomp

But if it had been me, I would probably...

  • Pay off my student loans. And, what the heck - help out my family with any of their debts too. 
  • Travel, travel, travel. Europe with my family. Pacific Northwest trip with Joe. Rent an RV and travel the western US with my sister. Go to Patagonia. Greece. And that pink lake I saw on Pinterest. Or any place I saw on Pinterest
  • Get some matching couches in my living room. 
  • Buy a rug from West Elm and not even think twice about the price tag. 
  • Buy all the nice kitchen stuff you can only get if you register for it when you get married (PS: I have a real issue with this. What if you choose to never get married? Does that mean you aren't entitled to have nice things?)
  • Donate to animal rescue charities. 
  • JCrew shopping spree. 
  • Buy a teardrop camper. 
  • Start shopping big houses in STL close to Lafayette or Tower Grove Park. 
  • Buy that Samsung TV Joe keeps obsessing over. 
  • Hire Jennifer Aniston's hair stylist. 
  • Get a maid service. 
  • And an intern for my life. 


Natalie said...

YES. i need an intern for my life too!

Kristin said...

Love all of those, especially the helping family pay off debt ; ) and the traveling!!

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