How I Packed for LA

In October, I went to LA for four days for a conference -

(Sorry I didn't tell you about it before... it was rather uneventful, and all the pictures were dark/blurry. However, I did get to visit the Eames House which was awesome, and I highly recommend eating/drinking at Beer Belly, Baco Mercat and Wurstkuche if you ever get the chance.)

- and I have to say, I've impressed myself with my light packing yet again (Check out how well I packed last year for a conference in Baltimore and for my two-week trip to Rome and Morocco).
The List
  • 3 bottoms (regular skinny jeans, oxblood skinny jeans, black pencil skirt)
  • 1 black/white printed dress
  • 3 tops (grey v-neck tee, navy/white striped tee, black/white polka dot blouse)
  • 1 mustard cardigan
  • 2 blazers (one striped, one oxblood)
  • 2 pairs of flats (tan, grey) 
  • 1 black scarf
  • Assorted gold accessories
Add to that my one quart bag of toiletries, my CHI straightener and my laptop and that's it. All in a small black duffel bag (that still zipped easily, might I add). 

Also, notice a color scheme here? Looks like I stuck to my fall shopping list!

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