Save the Campbell House Museum's [Gl]ass™

Can I just talk about how much I adore the Campbell House Museum?

A. It's a freakin' awesome place to visit. If you are a history or STL nerd, you'll love the tour. And it is something different that chances are, you've never done in St. Louis before.

B. They kill it on social media (Facebook and Twitter). I love reading their updates. They refer to the place as 'Robert and Virgina's house' like they still live there. They've taken this really historic institution and instead of making it stuffy, it's fun.

Well, someone very mean/stupid/immature broke into the house and stole $98. (See a great post from Chris on the 'crisis communications' post-attack) In doing so, they also broke a seriously gorgeous (and seriously old) window pane that now has to be replaced. It's going to cost them (a non-profit historic institution) a pretty penny.

So if you love St. Louis or history, head over here and donate to their Save Our [Gl]ass™fund. (Brilliant naming, right?)



Kristin said...

You know I'm eating this up! Add this place to the list of places I need to check out when I visit.

Danielle said...

You should follow them, defintely. I love their updates. Also, follow Bellefontaine Cemetety on Facebook. They post super long, blog-like updates - which is annoying - but the info blows my mind daily.

Shelley said...

Thanks for the awesome post, Danielle! We're so glad you dig our house as much as we do. The burglary sucked, but we sure realized how much people like you value us and that's made it not nearly as bad -- thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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