Muny 2012: Pirates!

Casting/Acting: A
The Pirate King = Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. 
Mabel's sisters = A delight. 
The men (the pirates + the native band/police) = Entertaining. 
The General = Impressive. 
Frederic and Mabel..... eh. For these being the main characters, I didn't really care about them. I know Frederic is supposed to be a little dumb naive, but I found him quite annoying. Not exactly what you usually look for in a leading man. 

Song & Dance: A
There were a number of lively song and dance numbers, which I always enjoy. A few of the slower ones (especially 'Stay, Frederic, Stay') made me antsy and the duet between Ruth and Frederic about her lying about being a virgin was weak, but I'm overlooking that because by the end of the show I was smiling and clapping. My favorite number was probably the pirates sneaking in to the Governor's home (something about being 'catlike' and not making a sound). I don't want to spoil it for anyone going to see it, but I'll just say it was a treat. I'm pretty sure I squealed with delight at the end. 

Set Design: A+
They really knocked this one out of the park. Most impressive set design I've seen all season, by a landslide. Even the giant LED screen wasn't bad! It actually added something positive the show! They took us to ports, beaches/jungles and a Governor's mansion with ease. 

Overall, a great show that, if you're free this weekend and in St. Louis, I would recommend you see. I read in the STL Today review that the director told the cast to have fun, and boy, does it show. I remember thinking that watching them all dance around during one of the songs. It just looked like they were having a ball up there on stage. And that always translates to the audience as well.

Oh, and the Albert Pujols joke was the loudest I've ever heard people laugh/clap during a show at the Muny.

image source: STL Today

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