Resolved (for Lent)

Ah, Lent. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that loathe this time of year - giving stuff up, no meat on Fridays - but I love it. It means fish fries, of course, and it gives me a chance to restart New Year's resolutions. This year, I'm going to....

Drink water. I'm going to have one glass of water every morning before my coffee and at least two more glasses after that. Thank goodness for Atomicdust pint glasses.
And only drink one coffee a day.
Organize my closest(s). Yep. That's closets, plural. I'd like to clean 'em up and get myself down to one.
Spend two hours a week cleaning my house. Right now, I'm spending about zero.... so any progress would be beneficial.
Exercise. That means finding a whole bunch of workouts I can do in the evenings watching TV and renewing that gym membership for the mornings.
Only one lunch out per week. Watch out Healthy Choice, I'm stockin' up!
Wear heels out. A girl can/should get gussied up once in a while.
Clean out my car. I found a floppy disc in my trunk. Nuff' said.
No online shopping.
Go into work early at least once a week. I just feel so much more organized when I've already got my emails checked and to do list made by 9am.
Read a book.

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Sara McCarty said...

Great list! I could really benefit from implementing a lot of these...especially the whole "organize my closets." Man, that would be nice!

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