Pinterest Problems (1st Edition)

I love Pinterest. I have a gazillion pins and a board for almost everything. But I have many many problems with the Pinterest boom that's happening. In fact, I've got a post coming on the Atomicdust blog on the subject. I've been holding back pointing and laughing at brands that are doing it wrong, but this.... I just couldn't help.
My problem with this Facebook post....

1. Bakers Shoes is not every brand. They are a fashion brand. Big surprise. A fashion brand is doing well on a social site that's main demo is young adult females and one of the most popular categories is apparel. Seriously folks. Just because style bloggers and recipe websites are generating a ton of traffic from Pinterest, it doesn't mean you can (or should try to).

2.  "Without even doing anything..."Wow, thanks a lot Bakers. Make my job look easy, why don't ya?! Even if they don't have a Pinterest account (I couldn't find a branded one, but I didn't search that much...), they still have content that's in one of Pinterest's top categories - Women's Apparel - and they've got a website that's {a} filled with images that people want to share and {b} built for ecommerce. It's not as simple as just signing up for Pinterest. It's not as simple as just having images and adding a 'Pin It' button to your site (does Bakers have one of those? I'm too lazy to look.). It's not as simple as 'not doing anything.'

WARNING: I'm sure this is first of many Pinterest rants I'll go on. Be prepared.


Megan said...

interesting point. what's your take on copyright?


Danielle said...

I did see that.... not sure what to think of all of it.

Most of what I pin isn't directly from a site, but from a blog. So someone is already sharing that stuff without your permission, no? Even if Pinterest shuts down, people will still share that stuff illegally. Napster shut down and you can still find ways to downaload music for free, right?

I would say we might just have to embrace it. Make sure to watermark all images. Make sure you are only making available online what you are willing to be shared all over the place by someone other than you.

But I'm not a photographer.... What do you think?

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