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I've been to a lot of local conferences and meetings, but this week was my first official 'work trip'. I was only there for three days so my packing had to be very strategic (although, I still had to check my bag because I forgot to buy travel face wash, hairspray, etc to take through security).

The List:
2 bottoms (black pencil skirt + skinny jeans)
3 tops (a tee + striped tank + white blouse)
2 cardigans (solid purpley-grey and tan giraffe print)
1 black dress
1 blazer
2 pairs of flats (black + grey)
2 belts (classic black + skinny yellow)
2 sets of accessories (silver + gold)
1 scarf

And what I wore...
To the airport
skinny jeans, flats and scarf from Target. blazer is Worthington from JC Penny. striped tee from H&M. assorted silver accessories. (On the way home I wore the same thing, but the striped Whitney Eve tank instead of tee.... I like stripes, apparently.)

On the first day of the conference
dress, flats and belt from Target. blazer by Worthington from JC Penny. assorted gold accessories.

Conference Day 2 (Sorry, I forgot to take my mirror picture!)
top by Whitney Eve. cardigan from Tommy Hilfiger. pencil skirt from Gap. flats from Target. silver accessories.  

Out to dinner with clients
white blouse, jeans, cardigan and flats from Target. gold accessories. 

Conference Day 3 (or When A Fellow Exhibitor Complimented My Outfit)
pencil skirt from Gap. flats by Corso Como. blouse and belt from Target. gold accessories. 

Missing: One night out, I wore the striped tee + blazer + skinny jeans + flats + a big silver necklace.... but I forgot to take a picture. It sort of looked like this and this combined. 

Check out more pictures from my trip to Baltimore. 

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