It's true. I have just started another blog.

Here are some reasons why this is a bad idea:

1. Facebook, Twitter, Girls Guide, My TV blog, actual television, friends, oh, and work... like I really need another timesuck.
2. I've been doing a piss poor job of updating Addicted to Television, which is sad. I love that blog.
3. Blogging is stupid (while I do not believe this, I know many a naysayer who does).

But here's the deal. When I started blogging, I was told to pick one specific topic. I picked TV. This was followed by other blogs with other topics (Delta Gamma, my capstone project, TV & Movies...).

But lately, I have been feeling really limited. What about when I want to share with you some kick ass song lyrics? Or cute boots I want to buy? Or my dream hairdo?

So here's my solution- Another Blog from Danielle.

I know, really original.

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