How do I keep feeling that feeling?

As I was driving through Tower grove Park on my way home from softball "practice" last night [to be clear – we did not practice. We stood around drinking Busch for 2 hours.], I realized I was so happy. So content. So calm. So carefree.

How do I keep feeling that feeling?
How do I make that feeling into a living?


I think it's time

To start blogging again.

In other news, not much has changed since my last post in August. Cool.


Pity Party

Shit day(s) at work.
Messy house.
Weekend plans ruined.
Sad lunch.
Ripped the zipper on the dress I spent weeks picking out for this wedding moments after tearing the tag off of it.
Car is about to break down.
Lost my license.
Need to go to the bank, the DMV, the doctor, the dentist, the vet.
Tree in my front yard is falling down and landlord hasn't fixed it.
DVR is piling up.
Softball was cancelled.
No wedding date.
Bad dog mom.
Computer says it is out of space even though I have deleted literally every file off of it.
In over my head. 
Send help. 


Cares Will Drop Off Like Autumn Leaves

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. 
– John Muir, Our National Parks


Like Me

Likable people aren’t afraid to ask questions, such as “How can I help” or “What do you think?”

Likable people are inclusive; no matter where they are or what they’re doing, they find a way to include others who seem a bit out of place or could use a friend.

Likable people know when, and when not, to talk during meetings—especially when they are talking solely for the sake of hearing their own voice.

Likable people help out newbies, even new bosses who are still adjusting to being the head honcho.

Likable people apply their seemingly unrelated life skills to work.

Likable people know just what to say at the right time (the most important phrase being “Thank you!”).

Likable people do little acts of kindness every day—all of which are super easy to work into your routine.

Likable people are emotionally intelligent—which means they’re not only aware of their own emotions, but sensitive to other people’s as well.

Likable people have better things to say than “Don’t worry” when another person is upset.

Likable people know how to politely shut down negative people.

Likable people also know how to give criticism without sounding condescending.
Finally, likable people know when it’s appropriate to be the “cool guy,” and when to be a strong leader.

From 12 Ways to Become a More Likable Person at Work—Starting Right Now


Divine Play

Last night, our yoga teacher started class by talking about lila.

Lila (pronounced "layla," I believe) is the Sanskrit word for divine play. Sure, yoga has a lot to do with perfection – the perfect pose, the perfect alignment. But it should also be fun.

A practice focused on divine play is just that. It's not about comparing yourself to the person next to you, or beating yourself up because you are falling out of a pose*. It's accepting where you are now and being okay with it. And furthermore – having fun with it.

That's a nice reminder for life too, isn't it? Sure, we should be striving to be better and looking to the future... but that can be exhausting. At least, that's what I've found. Comparing ourselves to others. Worrying we're not good enough. Wondering if we're on the right track. Second guessing. Feeling inadequate.

Being present is an intention I've had for myself for quite a while. I've probably written that phrase here more than a few times. But being reminded of that last night – after a tough week at work, feelings of inadequacy personally and professionally, a birthday weekend spent with my couch and DVR and overall just meh feelings lately – was refreshing.

Stop obsessing over where you could be or should be.
Look at where you are. Be grateful. Enjoy it. Have fun.

* To be fair, I did beat myself up for not getting the headstand last night.

** The picture is from my PNW trip (which I swear I'll blog about someday...). We were in Vancouver for just one day, and I was having regrets over not doing enough research on the city and worried we weren't making the most of our time there (as well as anxiety over getting lost, as my cell phone had limited map/calling functions). But Melanie asked a server for a neighborhood and bar recommendation, and we ended up spending the afternoon in Gastown buying too many Canada souvenirs. We stopped at this swanky bar, Chill Winston, even though I'm pretty sure we were both in yoga pants. We sat outside on the patio, even though it was probably too cold for patio weather and it was empty – they weren't even playing any music out there. We turned on a jazz Pandora station, ordered wine and champagne (because, why not!) and people watched under string lights as the sun went down in the city. It was a glorious, unexpected, unplanned evening. 


One of Those Mondays

Annoyances, in no particular order:

to do list
messy house
other drivers
no creamer for my coffee
hair, worth repeating
clicky shoes

Looking for something?