Smart Guy

Maverick was boarded all weekend and after picking him up on Monday morning, he went straight into my room and laid on the bed. Smart guy. Love him.


I Am Lucky

I am really lucky that I can meet my parents for patio beers randomly on a Sunday afternoon.

That's all.


LouFest 2014

For the last year, I've been fretting over not being able to go to LouFest 2014 because of a wedding in Columbia. Though I adore the brides, I have been to LouFest every year and it has become one of my very favorite weekends in St. Louis. 

So today, when I saw the line-up for Sunday featuring some of my most-anticipated acts (Pretty Little Empire, Portugal The Man, Trombone Shorty, Grouplove, Matt & Kim) I just decided to go for it and buy a single-day ticket. What the hell. It's just money, right?

That, and an early-morning, hungover drive back to St. Louis to stand outside in the heat at a festival all day. Totally rational decision. 

Lazy Thursday

I know it is beautiful out (a rare 75-degree week in St. Louis in July!) but after what feels like a month of non-stop hustling, I cannot wait to go home tonight. Agenda calls for cooking dinner, a glass or 4 of wine, watching TV and maybe even cleaning a little during commercials. 


Morning Musings: Vacation-Brain Edition

Hours in my extended weekend: 120
Approx. mileage: 2,359
Approx. hours slept: 26
Approx alcoholic drinks consumed: 38

I struck out eight times last night in softball. Not an exaggeration.

Went to leave for lunch, got to my car and realized I had left my keys on my desk. Walked back for my keys only and get back to my car only to find that I had left my lights on and my car was dead. Womp womp.

I am not one to complain when people only live a little bit of coffee and don't make more, but when the coffee pot is completely empty and you don't make more that is just rude. You took the very last of it and left it? WTF.

Can I go to Colorado like once every three months? Is that acceptable? I think it would be good for my sanity.

Guys in Colorado are hotter than (most) guys in Missouri. Just sayin'.

Today a coworker told me she had been to Red Rocks, but didn't see a concert there. That's funny, I replied, I've been to a concert at Red Rocks but hadn't actually seen it. Damn you, rain.

No mice in my mouse traps when I returned home. Not sure how I should feel about that.


Thinking About Tomorrow

So your home town's bringing you down
Are you drowning in the small talk and the chatter
Young man full of big plans and thinking about tomorrow.

- Ray Lamontagne, "Beg, Steal Or Borrow"
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Through My Prayers

Such a beautiful song. Such a beautiful sentiment. One I've been struck with too often than I'd like to admit lately.