"Work is personal.
Computing is social.
Knowledge is power.
Break the rules." 
- Fast Company, 1995



People wonder, "Do you still think about him a lot?"
No, not as much.

 But really, everytime I have time to think, I think about him.


My Last Day of Winter Break

Over this break, I had big plans. To meet people for beers and coffee. To watch Friday Night Lights, Sherlock and Peaky Blinders. To read. To close all the 50+ tabs open on my desktop. To plan for 2015. To walk Maverick everyday. To go to yoga everyday. To clean out my car, and start shopping for a new one.

Instead, I got sick on Christmas Eve and the only thing I "accomplished" was finishing the entire series of Friday Night Lights in a little over a week. (I miss Tim Riggins already.)

But you know what, I didn't wake up with an alarm once – and the latest I slept in was 10:30am, which was today and pretty good considering I stayed out later/drank more than any other night this last week.

I saw a lot of my parents – albeit it was to do laundry, help me jump a dead Prius, borrow checks when I ran out... Whatever, I'm thankful for them.

I did walk Maverick. Once. And I snuggled with him in bed and we took afternoon naps on the couch and I will miss spending all day laying around with him.

I started drinking tea. And haven't had coffee since Christmas morning.

I ate at Southwest Diner (finally!).

I did NOT take advantage of any post-Christmas online sales or my Loft or JCrew gift cards. Target is another story... however, thanks to Cartwheel, gift cards and coupons, I brought a $130 bill down to $50. So there's that.

I watched 3 documentaries – Dear Zachary, Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart and the rest of The Roosevelts. Buuuuut I also watched the remaining unaired episodes of Manhattan Love Story on Hulu. And yet, the series finale of Boardwalk Empire remains on my DVR, gathering dust and wasting space.

And, on my final day of break, I stayed up entirely too late thinking about work and gearing up for our company retreat tomorrow and eating one of four (four!) Ben and Jerry's flavors I bought yesterday.

Here's to 2015.


Reflections on 2014

I should be getting ready for a NYE party right now, but Happy Endings is on and I'm in my PJ's and sucked into some of the 50+ open tabs on my desktop instead.

This year kind of felt like a stagnant one. I was looking back at some of the blog posts from this time last year (to see if I made any resolutions...) and realized most of what I wrote then are still relevant now. Have I really not changed at all in a year?

I'm still messy. I still oversleep. I still overspend. I'm still lazy. I still want to travel more. To keep in better touch with out-of-town friends. To make more time for in-town friends. I've got a handful of professional goals I don't feel like I've made any progress on this year. So yeah, that's great. I still pretty much have the same haircut and same clothes. The same boxes are still sitting in the corner of my bedroom and same walls are still empty.

But you know, some things have changed.

I've been working on "being present" with (IMHO) some success. I've become a pretty okay cook, thanks to Plated. I've kind of, sort of, taken up yoga. And I don't hate it. I've started to favor red wine to beer (so adult!). I have less "bad" days than I had a year ago, though they still pop up from time to time. I've grown up enough that I realize I'm not one the "kids" using Snapchat, and that's okay. I almost finished a book (reading it, not writing it). I've started to not hate tea (who cares if this happened in the last few days...). I've bought furniture and home decor and pots and pans and a lot of Christmas decorations. I took a kickass trip to Colorado... that pretty much drained my bank account, but I'm still glad I did it.

I almost bought a journal today to propel me in some sort of personal growth, but alas, I decided to save the $10 and put it back. I'm still sorting out what my resolutions for the year are, or if I even have any. But I guess I have a few more hours to procrastinate on that.

For now, I guess I need to shower.


A Few of My Favorite Holiday Decorations

A Tuesday

‎You have to be the kind of person who can make the best out of a Tuesday. You know those people who live for the weekends? They’re wishing their life away. You have to find something worth living for or else you’ll look back and realize you’ve wasted your life away. 
— Drew Marvin, English Teacher