Fall 2018 Shopping

I'm on a shopping hiatus right now (important note - not a spending hiatus, though I should be doing that), but here is what I find myself pining over for Fall 2018:

  • A black jumpsuit I can wear to work (related: why do they all have wide legs or weird cutouts?!)
  • high-waisted, button-fly skinny jeans
  • jeans with some tastefully placed wear and tear 
  • camo-print Rothys 
  • vertical-striped button down
  • new flannel
  • a new, lightweight black windbreaker
  • a tan, button-front skirt in corduroy, suede or khaki 
And, not new, but to make me feel brand-new:
  • dry-cleaned coats, ready for wintry weather
  • resized Grandma's engagement ring so I can wear it daily

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