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Likable people aren’t afraid to ask questions, such as “How can I help” or “What do you think?”

Likable people are inclusive; no matter where they are or what they’re doing, they find a way to include others who seem a bit out of place or could use a friend.

Likable people know when, and when not, to talk during meetings—especially when they are talking solely for the sake of hearing their own voice.

Likable people help out newbies, even new bosses who are still adjusting to being the head honcho.

Likable people apply their seemingly unrelated life skills to work.

Likable people know just what to say at the right time (the most important phrase being “Thank you!”).

Likable people do little acts of kindness every day—all of which are super easy to work into your routine.

Likable people are emotionally intelligent—which means they’re not only aware of their own emotions, but sensitive to other people’s as well.

Likable people have better things to say than “Don’t worry” when another person is upset.

Likable people know how to politely shut down negative people.

Likable people also know how to give criticism without sounding condescending.
Finally, likable people know when it’s appropriate to be the “cool guy,” and when to be a strong leader.

From 12 Ways to Become a More Likable Person at Work—Starting Right Now

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Unknown said...

Great post! Love these tips on becoming/ being a more likeable person. Thanks for sharing.


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