Roots N' Blues N' BBQ 2014

This past weekend, I went to Roots N' Blues for the first time in years and was just totally floored with how awesome the festival was.

Not that I didn't expect that. I just hadn't been to it since it moved down to Stephens Lake. And in that time, had been to my fair share of outdoor festivals to compare. Plus, Avett Brothers was headlining and you know how I feel about Avett.
But still. There were the typical things – awesome food vendors, clean bathrooms (the cleanest I've ever been in), beer + koozie discount special, plenty of shaded areas, chair and aisle lines that festival goers actually respected – but more than that...

It felt local.
There were art installations by local creatives. Someone with the festival came on before each musical act to make announcements and thank the community members who made the weekend possible. Everyone was super friendly. You got the feeling that people would have come out for the festival regardless of who was playing.
And so when you add that with beer, biscuits, amazing weather and great music... it sort of makes for a perfect weekend.

Already counting down til next year. (I just wish someone would make them a better website.)

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