Morning Musings (10th ed.)

After days of teased hair and heavy eye makeup, there is nothing better than a fresh wash and no eyeliner. 

Sometimes it's hard for me to relenquish control. Because if I let someone else control it, and they mess up, it's like sort of my fault, right? But sometimes, you gotta know when to let go. And know that when they mess it up it willl be their fault, not yours.

I have faith / trust issues, obviously. 

Weddings are fun.

And is it bad that I think paying $3,000 for a 'social media concierge" isn't totally unreasonable?

Clear calendars are a rare treasure, and one I'm possibly uncomfortable with.

"You're starting to realize not everyone is as good as you." - This is a painful compliment. Replace the "as good as" with "as loyal as" or "cares as much" and you basically have my eternal life struggle. On the flipside, I hope I'm never the reason people feel that way.

Being let down, disappointed and discouraged is way worse than being pissed off.

Is it patio season yet?

What if you are less afraid of getting hurt yourself, and more afraid of hurting others?

Deep morning musings this time around, sorry. 

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