I get the itch to travel. It's a blessing and a curse (on my coworkers and my wallet).

Tonight, I emailed a friend/excellent travel companion about planning a trip sometime after March. You see, in that single month, I've got a baby (not mine), a wedding (not mine) and a big reunion (that I'm co-chairing), so thinking about a trip just cannot happen before April. Initial thoughts are Greece (because, YES), Pacific Northwest (because, let's face it, it's due for a visit), Mexico (because it's easy) and Alaska (because… why the hell not).

I should be saving to visit my brand new niece that will be arriving. Or my brother in North Carolina. Or maybe I should just be waiting to see what happens with other things in my life… but nope. I'm going for it. And by ;going for it' I mean, I'll start thinking about it in April.

If anything, it'll earn me some great frequent flier miles, right?

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Kristin said...

Go to Greece!! Chris will help you find deals! (You have tons of time to visit me!)

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