Wake Up

Probably once a week, I see some article about the habits of highly successful/productive people, and always (always) the list includes waking up early. They eat breakfast, read a newspaper/magazine/blogroll, go for a run, make a to do list.

I've been thinking a lot lately of how much of my day I'm wasting by sleeping til 7am 8am 8:20am. Of how much I could get done if I actually got up the first time my alarm went off. Of how much I could get done if I set that alarm just fifteen, twenty minutes earlier.

Perhaps a new goal for myself? To get up earlier and do something in the morning?

Am I crazy? Do you have any advice for not hitting snooze? What time do you wake up?

And furthermore, does the fact that I'm thinking/worrying about this mean I'm a grown-up now?

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