House Tour, Before

Even though we moved in October, we're still unpacking boxes, filling up closets and trying to figure out the best place to store cleaning supplies. These pictures are from moving day two months ago, but honestly, the place doesn't look too different now. 

What can I say. It's a work in progress. 
View of the front door from the hallway. Coat closet and stairs to the left, living room to the right. 
This is the living room, now complete with two couches and a TV. 
The (someday) dining room. Right now, it's still mostly boxes. 
I like to call this 'Joe's Kitchen'. The first room in the house that we unpacked, and probably the one we live in the most. 
The basement. Not as scary as it looks. 
Our forest, aka backyard. 
 The stairs and exposed brick wall are probably my favorite part of the house. 
 Master bedroom, which is a lot bigger than it looks. It also has an actual bed in it now. We aren't sleeping on a mattress. 
 The second bedroom / office / TV room / excercise room / linen closet / craft supplies storage etc.
A very large bathroom, with very little storage. And a clawfoot tub that I thought I would love and I actually despise. 
Our landing, aka awkward space. 

More (hopefully more impressive) photos to come.... Stay tuned. 

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