Pep Talk

Raise your hand if you feel neglected.

[This blog's imaginary hand is raised]

I've barely posted and when I do, it's a short rant here and there. I've missed posting about my mom's birthday party, a surprise visit from my sister, a little camping excursion, my new boat, a party at work, Billy Elliot at the Fox and Lord knows what else.

Well loyal reader(s), this is my promise to try harder. Sure, I'm super busy, but I'm the good kind of busy. Great job, cool stuff on weekends, a bunch of parties/get togethers coming up, and of course, the splurge of a lifetime - a trip to Rome and Morocco.  Not to mention, I now have red pants so I'm officially in the 'cool style bloggers' club'.

There is a club, isn't there?

jeans and scarf from Target. white tee from Express. blazer by Worthington from JC Penney. assorted silver jewelry. 


Carlie said...

Yay for red jeans! Mine were hands-down the best clothing purchase I made this year. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Roots Out West said...

Love the blazer. I need to incorporate them into my wardrobe more.

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