I've been listening to the new Gaga CD nonstop for a few weeks now and every week I think, 'I'm going to do a #musicmonday post on this' and then always forget. Sorry, kids.

I'm a wee bit peeved about the whole thing because I preordered it months ago, only to be able to download it for free a few days before it came in the mail. It's not that I'm against paying for things, I would just rather go buy the CD of an up and coming artist to help them out than just give a gazillion dollars to Gaga for her to buy crazy outfits. Just sayin.

Anyway, I can't pick a favorite song.... because every time I listen back through them again I find a new one that I like better. I guess it just depends on my mood. But if I had to pick a top five (in no particular order) I think they would be...

You & I
Edge of Glory
Bloody Mary

I'm too lazy to link to them or provide you with videos.... just YouTube them. Or just buy the CD. It's worth it.

My one (big) complaint about the album is this: There's no disco stick. 

I'm serious. The album is great. The songs are all awesome and catchy and I'm humming along constantly. But it seems like every single one is some commentary on religion or being yourself or something. That's great. But sometimes I want to 'just dance'. I want to 'take a ride on your disco stick.' What happened to all of Gaga's party songs?

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