Double Whammy. Day 17 & 18.

Lucky you, today you get double of me! (Still not as spectacular as yesterday when you got fifteen of me in one post, but whatever.)
Day Seventeen
I went to the movies last night, so I changed out of my dress and into something a bit more comfortable (read: T-shirt & jeans). We saw Bridesmaids at Chase Park Plaza and I have never seen it that crowded. I guess it was the combination of a new, buzzworthy movie showing + $5 Wednesday tickets + Groupons expiring tomorrow...

Anyway, Bridesmaids was good, but I don't think it was the female equivalent of The Hangover like everyone is saying. Maybe I went into it with high expectations, but I really just thought it was a funny chick flick. I wish they had done more with the ensemble cast and less with Wigg's love life (although, the cop? Swoon.).

Oh, and how freakin' cute is Maverick? He loves to mess up my pictures.

white tee from Express. jacket from Ann Taylor. scarf from Van Heusen. jeans from Target. shoes by Sperry. 

Day Eighteen
And, ya caught me. I've pretty much worn this same outfit before. But that wasn't during my 30x30 Challenge so you can't hold it against me. Deal?

jeans, flats, belt and gold necklace that you can barely see from Target. shirt by Miley from Walmart.

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muddybuddy said...

yeah, i thought the comparison of a female version of "the hangover" was a bit much, too. glad you loved the cop. how cute was he?!?

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