Rain or Shine. Day 24 & 25.

'Rain or Shine.' Isn't that the post office's motto? Funny, considering that's the slogan they use to show that they will be there working everyday, no matter what the weather.... and I used it on a day when I slacked off and didn't post. Oops. 
Day Twenty Four: Sunny
striped top from H&M. jeans, flats from Target. necklace from VanHeusen. 

Day Twenty Five: Rain
IMG_0285 2
dress, cardigan, belt and flats from, where else?, Target. necklace from Mom. 

Anyway, crazy weather we've been seeing here the last few days, huh? And not just in St. Louis, but all over the place. Tornadoes everywhere! And a little too close to home in Joplin. What happened there is just devastating. 

For living in Missouri my whole life, and going to college in Columbia - I couldn't believe that I personally didn't know anyone from Joplin. I've been there a couple times for track meets (for my athletically-inclined brother and sister, not my awkward self), but that's about it. Then last night I remembered that I did in fact have a friend whose family is from there. His grandmother passed away this week and mom is still in the hospital. Please keep them in your prayers! And check out Missouri Disaster Relief to see how you can help. 

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muddybuddy said...

you look so cute today! love that whole look.

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