Just Barely. Day 14.

Day Fourteen
This post, and this outfit, almost didn't happen today. I was this close to staying home under the covers but I pulled myself together (oh you know, twenty minutes before work) and got up. I think I must have caught something while I was freezing cold in Columbia this past weekend....

Oh and did I mention that I got to meet my social media twinsie and 30x30 partner in crime Megan this weekend?! That's right. We met for the very. first. time. And shared a nice breakfast/coffee/lunch at Bread Co. Finding new friends via the internetz is awesome.

white tee from Express. striped cardigan from Old Navy. black jeans, flats and necklace from Target. 

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muddybuddy said...

it was awesome finally meeting you! pretty much confirmed that we are twinsies! ha.

sad to hear you're not feeling good, but you look great!

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