Classic, Again. Day 23.

Day Twenty Three
I feel like a 60s housewife today... a gingham button down with the sleeves rolled up, skinny black ankle-length pants and a headband? Yep, I would wear this gardening or doing chores around the house. Wouldn't be caught dead out of the house in it though! Ah, the fantasy...

[WHOA. I was about to name this post, 'Classic. Day 23.' and Blogger auto-filled it in for me. Apparently, during my last 30x30 I named my 23rd outfit post the same. exact. thing. See, here's the proof. Isn't that weird?]

gingham shirt from Tommy Hilfiger. black skinny jeans & flats from Target. black headband (that you can't really see...) from Forever 21. 


Pearl Westwood said...

Really you wouldnt wear it out, I think it is cute very Parisien

Danielle said...

oh yes OF COURSE I would wear it our.... I'm wearing it right now, in fact. I meant my 60s housewife self wouldn't be caught dead in it! I'd be in dresses and heels all day!


Kristin said...

That is a very Betty Draper, er, Francis, outfit of you to wear.... if only you had the bratty Sally to contend with ; )

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