Countdown. Day 26.

Day Twenty Six
I can't believe Megan and I are almost done with our spring 30x30. I only have four outfits left! (And three of them are already planned....)

Bulleted post today. My brain is everywhere.
  • I didn't mean to show off my bright nails like that. They look neon. (Do they look like this in real life?)
  • I thought this shirt was orange. Now it looks more reddish/coral. Hmmm. 
  • Like Megan, my outfit doesn't fit the weather today. It is gray and rainy out. Sadness. 
  • Pretty sure these flats got more wear than any other item in my 30. 
  • Sometimes I curl/wave my hair and it looks good. Sometimes.... it doesn't. Still up in the air about today's turnout. 
  • I swear I own clothes that aren't from Target. 

top, jeans, cardigan and flats from Target. necklace from Linley

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muddybuddy said...

you look cute! your nails are rockin' -- they totally look neon. maybe i'll have to post another outfit from today, cause i changed over lunch... brrr

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