Words of Wisdom... from Shoe

'I'm just about as average a girl as you're going to get. I'm not tall or thin or beautiful. I'm not good at taking photos, being interesting or looking nice. I don't have tons of money to spend on designer clothes or tons of time to go shopping for them. I'm not particularly tech savvy. But I have a smart camera and I like to write. Besides, I figure blogging is a bit like singing in the shower. It won’t affect those who don’t hear it, and those who do hear it must be pretty durn close to you anyway.'
-Shoe of Soapsuds and Doodles
I love that.


Shoe said...

Thank you SO MUCH for reblogging this, it's so sweet of you :) and thank you for following! I'm following right back now!!

Danielle said...

I seriously love it. I think we are soulmates because it is exactly how I feel too!

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