Out on the Porch. Day 8.

Day Eight
Guess who got a new camera this weekend?! It's a Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS (whatever that means) and I'm not in love with it or anything but it'll work. And I was this close to buying a tripod too. Had it in my cart and everything. But I put it back. I'm hoping my parents have an old tripod laying around the house they would let me have.... crossing my fingers.

Meanwhile, I'm testing out new locations to prop my camera up on (besides the desk in my front room and on top of my microwave in my kitchen....). This morning, I played around on my front and back porch with it, but I need some more practice.

green dress (worn as a top) from Old Navy. jeans and flats from Target. necklace via Mom. 


muddybuddy said...

yay for cameras and self portraits!!

Kristin said...

New camera, yay!

Also, I bought a Gorillapod tripod awhile ago from Target and love it! It's only $20 or something.

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