Please & Thank You. Day 10.

Day Ten
IMG_0063 - Version 2
First of all, a big BIG thank you to everyone who visited from EBEW yesterday and left me such nice comments!

For so long, I've written this blog just for myself. I posted what I felt like, when I felt like it. I guess I didn't think anyone (except maybe Chelsea and my sister) ever read it. But now I know you are all are out there and I can't ignore you! I added the Google follow option on the right and also one for Bloglovin'. Are those pretty standard? I only use Google Reader, so I don't know what else is out there really...

Speaking of Google Reader, I've stumbled across some really great blogs lately and keep following them through Google/Blogger's 'follow' options, but they aren't showing up in my Blogger Dashboard and I don't think they are showing up in my Google Reader either. Anyone know what's up with that? Halp.

Hooray! Target-only outfit today: black skinny jeans, gray top, white cardigan and black flats from Target. necklace by Linley.


muddybuddy said...

my google reader subscriptions have been really funky lately - i thought it was just me. weird...

you look AWESOME today! :)

chelsea said...

FAV outfit so far!!!

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