Cheater. Day 7.

Day Seven
Okay so I cheated. These sandals are not in my thirty. But to be fair, I told you upfront I wasn't sticking to the rules on weekends/nights out and I could have been extra sneaky and not even told you what I was wearing this weekend. 

Besides, I made it up to you by having my dear friend Ambika snap this pretty picture in Forest Park. Sure beats the mirror in my bedroom, eh?

I was mom-less this Mothers Day (she was off being super mom watching super brother run in his track meet), so Ambika and I enjoyed sangria, daiquiris, and Mexican food on Hacienda's patio, picked up some treats from Ted Drewes (found a new fave - cherry banana concrete!) and then headed to the fountain at the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park for some people (and puppy) watching. Sunday funday indeed. 

white racerback tank from Express. skirt from Tommy Hilfiger. sandals from Target. necklace from Van Heusen. sunglasses from Claire's. 


thedelishdish said...

super cute outfit & this sounds like the best day ever! looks like yuo took full advantage of the awesome weather :)

Danielle said...

thanks! and it was soooo pretty this weekend! too bad we've got a couple 90 degree days coming up. looks like STL's 'spring' is over.

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