A REAL Close Call. Day 16.

Day Sixteen
Yesterday I was working on a 'halfway there' recap and realized I only had 14 pictures. Wha?! I thought, 'Way to go, Danielle. You're such an idiot. You can't count.' So today, I went to renumber all my old posts and realized that I hadn't miscounted! I wasn't an idiot!

My #11 post, aptly titled 'Close Call' never published. Well, actually it was published and then Blogger went all nutso and took it down. So this actually is outfit post #16.... and a recap for 1-15 will be coming soon! 

Yippee. I knew I could count! (well to 30, at least.)

dress from Forever 21. jacket from Ann Taylor. flats from Target. locket was gifted forever ago. 

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muddybuddy said...

i thought i couldn't count, either... it's okay.

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