The Beginning. Day 1.

Day One
Today kicks off Day 1 of my spring 30x30 challenge. I wanted to come up with some great post today but my mind is filled with Superhero nonsense, so this bulleted list of random thoughts will have to do. 
  • It's cold in St. Louis and I'm regretting all those warm weather options I put into my mix. Even my ankles are chilly today. 
  • I'm not at all organized this time around. Some of my clothes aren't even out of the dirty clothes hamper yet!
  • My camera broke. So cell phone pis will have to do for now. Sorry. 
  • I went on a mini shopping spree in Branson this weekend (what? There is no 'no shopping' rule before the 30 starts!) and came home with this shirt, a seersucker skirt, a purple cardigan, a green jacket, a romper for the summer, a new scarf, a pretty necklace and a new pair of sunglasses. Whew
  • Don't forget- I'm doing this challenge with Megan so head over to her blog to see her outfits too!

cardigan from H&M. gingham shirt from Tommy Hilfiger. jeans from Target. shoes by Sperry. brooch via.... the bottom of my jewelry box. 

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muddybuddy said...

that looks cute! i am loving the seersucker. it was a bit chilly here today, too! hopefully it will warm up.

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