Roadtrip. Day 12 & 13.

I road tripped to Columbia this weekend to celebrate graduations and relive the good ole college days with some friends. I had planned on getting a few 30x30 outfits out of the way, but failed miserably thanks to the icky weather. Is it supposed to be 50 degrees and rainy in mid-May? Gross.

Day Twelve: On the Road
jeans, black tee, flats and scarf from Target. oh, and the purse too. sunglasses from Claire's. 

Day Thirteen: On the Quad

IMG_0116 - Version 2
jeans, flats and top from Target. cardigan from Tommy Hilfiger. necklace by Van Heusen. 

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Anonymous said...

Love look #12. May inspire a work outfit this week :)


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