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I never fancied myself one to get invited to elite parties and classy gallery openings (but lately, that’s been just the case, thanks to a certain contest I am in), but I jumped at the chance to go check out Soulard Art Market’s recent showing, ‘Social Media & Media Social.’
The showing was a special, private reception for social media folks like myself to come check out what they’ve got going on there to prepare for the Contemporary Art Museum’s Open Studios Tour, which kicks into high gear this weekend.
Open Studios highlights many of the working artists here in St.Louis. It’s all about welcoming the public into the creative spaces where they work and, in many cases, chat with the artists themselves!
Bonus: It’s free.
Open Studios is going on this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, from 10am-4pm). You can get a map of the locations and give yourself a little self guided-tour, or sign up for one of the many tours offered through the Contemporary Arts Museum- including bus, bike, and even Segway tours!
And if SAM (Soulard Art Market’s clever moniker) wasn’t already on your list of places to stop by- let me tell you, it should be.
SAM is operated by a core group of resident artists- meaning there is something for everyone there. Drawing, painting, digital and traditional photography, mixed media, sculpture and jewelry … I guarantee you’ll find something there you want to walk away with (for me, it was Jane Martin’s neon-hued South City streetscapes).
Here’s a little taste of what you can see at the gallery, thanks to SAM’s Flickr page:
SAM was one of those places I drove by practically every day and thought, ‘Oh, an art gallery. Wouldn’t that be a fun place to check out someday?’ Unfortunately, as we all know too well, ‘someday’ rarely comes along.
Even if it isn’t this weekend, make sure you take the time to stop in there and see what our local artists are creating. The artists at SAM each maintain a personal display space as well as coordinate the monthly main gallery exhibits, which are usually free and open to the public. Plus, most of the artwork is offered for sale. Did someone say, ‘redecorating?’
For more information on Soulard Art Market or the Open Studios Tour, check out their websites:

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