The MTV TJ contest is (sort of) officially over. Voting has closed on the ZYNC page, so now it is totally out of my, and your, hands. They announce the Final Five on Friday, but no matter what happens, I know I have a ton of people the thank already...

  • My sister, who (I think wanted me to win more than even I did and) made me the Facebook page that quickly became 'Danielle 4 TJ' central. 
  • Everyone at Atomicdust that was super supportive of my 'sidejob'.
  • Girls Guide to the Galaxy for writing an amazing story about me and supporting me along the way. 
  • Pretty Little Empire who let me throw their name, pictures, and music all over the internets. 
  • All of my family and friends who signed up for Facebook and Twitter just to help me. I hope that you guys get some real use out of the sites and grow to love them as much as I do. 
  • The entire St. Louis Twitter community who rallied behind me (even though we may have never even met in person). You guys are awesome. 
  • All the Delta Gammas at Mizzou and beyond who took my plea to help a sister out. 
  • Chelsea, Amanda, and Madison who all scored 90% on my quiz and confirmed my suspicions that people who follow my blogs (and are in the J School and DG) know me better than anyone else. 
  • Everyone who joined and added pics to the I Love Pets group on Flickr
  • St. Louis Bread Company, who provided a booth for me to sit in and work (and break down in tears). 
  • All of my friends who had to deal with said tears.
  • Remy and Mason at The Bull, who supported me on Twitter and on the air; Dana at Show Me St. Louis, who came to my office to interview me; Don at the South County Times; Deb at St. Louis Post-Dispatch; Josh at Mizzou Magazine; Beth at Lindbergh High School; and the folks over at St. Louis Social Media and Technology Report and the Mizzou Alum site.... hope I didn't forget anyone...
  • Asher Roth-you are super cool. I'll be waiting to buy your new CD when it comes out for sure!
  • All the other TJers.... I'm coming out of the contest with 19 new friends who are exactly like me!
  • MTV, duh. Brett and crew.... you guys are amazing!
  • And everyone who voted, wrote about me in their blogs, made it their Facebook status, commented on my blogs, RTed me, congratulated me in person.... you all are wonderful. Lucky for me, there are too many of you to thank. Just know that I'm forever grateful. 
And if I forgot you... Sorry. It's been a crazy couple of weeks and I lost my mind back there somewhere. 


Kristin said...

Aw, I made your list! But really though, THANK YOU for letting me live vicariously through you for the last few weeks (months)! Following and supporting you has been a nice break from school and work, thanks!

Anonymous said...

You're a winner no matter what happens!!!!

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