You've probably heard, but I didn't get MTV TJ (I know, sad face... but read my post from yesterday for all my thank you's! I seriously can't express enough how much I love all you guys for supporting me!). 


Things I can do now that I know I'm not MTV's TJ:
  • buy my Avett Brothers tickets for their show at the Pageant
  • stop tweeting... as much
  • book a flight to NYC for play instead of work
  • buy my LouFest tickets
  • RSVP to Liz's wedding
  • plan another weekend at the lake
  • take off work the Friday of Mizzou's Homecomig and start planning my other Mizzou football tailgates
  • start 'living' in my house (including but not limited to going grocery shopping for reals, painting my dresser, hanging up pictures, planning a BBQ...)
The list goes on and on.... don't worry St. Louis, your girl is here to stay!

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i like this!!

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