Wedding Wednesdays

That's it. I'm starting a Wedding Wednesday tradition. Yep, right now.

It's not that I'm obsessed with weddings or getting married... I just think they happen to feature some of the best design and photography around. Seriously. My 'blog it' folder is filled with posts about weddings just waiting to be shared!

So if you like weddings... or like me.... or like design, photography, rings, and pretty dresses, stay tuned right here every Wednesday.

This first entry comes from Landlocked Bride (and I'm sure many future posts will too). What a great alternative to bubbles or rice at a nighttime wedding. Sure, your dress may catch fire, but a photo like this makes it worth it, no?

#weddingwednesday (or should it be #wedWed? clever.)


Kristin said...

Sparklers are great for 4th of July weddings too!

Taylor said...

I went to a wedding once where they had a ton of sparklers just to entertain the kids. But it was like decoration in itself...a bunch of dressed up kids running in the yard with sparklers at twilight..it just looked happy haha

Carlie said...

I went to a December wedding in Chicago a couple years ago and they gave us all sparklers to wave as they left the church. It had just snowed, and their pictures were amazing! It's kind of dangerous though - someone's hair actually caught on fire for a few seconds! Eh, small price to pay... :)

brit @ landlocked bride said...

I just happened to notice this post (a little late, I'd say), but thank you for the shout out! I am glad I can provide a bit of inspiration for your #wedWed posts!

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