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I can't take credit for this story... I read it at The Boomerang Table, fell in love, and just had to share... Enjoy!
'You may not recognize the name Edith Shain, but chances are, you’ve seen her photo.
In August, 1945, photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt was shooting in Times Square when the US declared victory over Japan, and an end to WWII. At the same time, 27-year-old nurse Edith Shain joined co-workers and fellow New Yorkers pouring into the streets to celebrate. An unknown soldier grabbed her by the waist, tilted her back, and gave her a kiss. Eisenstaedt snapped an image, which later appeared in LIFE magazine, and 65 years later, that photo remains instantly recognizable to millions of Americans.
One of the most fascinating details about that photo is the fact that Eisenstaedt failed to catch the names of his subjects, and for 35 years, neither was identified. That changed in 1980 when Ms. Shain sent a letter to him, finally solving the mystery by identifying herself as the recipient of a kiss from a man she didn’t know, saying, “Someone grabbed me and kissed me, and I let him because he fought for his country.” The modest woman later confessed she kept silent for so long because she was embarrassed to have been photographed while kissing a complete stranger.
Edith Shain passed away this week at the age of 91. When I read her obit yesterday in the NY Times, I was struck by a comment she once made about the iconic photograph and what it meant to her. “It says so many things,” she told the Associated Press. “Hope, love, peace and tomorrow.” Well said, Edith.'


Taylor said...

I love that picture and this story! I never would have imagined that they were strangers!

Anonymous said...

I knew they were strangers, but had no idea no one knew their names or that the women died this week. What a great picture for her family to have to remember her by. Everyone wants to leave a positive footprint, I believe she has! Thanks for sharing the rest of the story with us. If you are her family member, thank you for sharing her with us.

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