Spring 30x30 Recap

Oh look. It's a gazillion pictures of me again. I'll spare you the first 15 outfits (you can see those here) and just recap the second half of this 30x30 Challenge. 

  • rust flats
  • skinny jeans
  • Clinique Citrus Rose lipstick (I usually ignored it because I thought it would be too orangey, but now I love it!)
  • simple necklaces (I've started wearing my gold locket and silver/pearl necklace from Mexico a LOT more now!)
  • skinny belts
  • my back porch (the new camera was nice too)
Most Unneccessary
  • black cardigan, two striped cardigans
  • yellow prints - yellow/grey dress and yellow tunic were each only worn once
  • crazy cold weather that plagued the first half of this challenge
  • the multiple tumbles my new camera took off the railing... oops. 
I really loved doing this challenge with Megan. I know people always say they struggle through it (and yes, I did have more than a couple bad days), but I actually kinda like the limited choices. It makes life so much easier.

I hope you all have enjoyed the outfit photos over the last month or so.... I think it may become a semi-permanent feature on the blog (you'll notice I changed 'the 30' tag to 'outfit' already!). And for those of you who are sick of seeing my ugly mug everyday..... no worries, regular posting of non-Danielle-related items will begin soon. 

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muddybuddy said...

well done! we deserve a cookie.

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