African, Take 2.

Reasons not to post an outfit today:
  • I told you I was going on hiatus
  • this outfit isn't particularly exciting
  • I was running late today
  • my hair is a mess
  • all I can think about is my flooded basement (and the fact that I haven't watched True Blood yet)
Reasons to post an outfit:
  • Maverick looks cute in the picture
  • this necklace is from Africa
Yep, another African outfit. Cara brought me this necklace home in May. It is handmade by a group of women near her village. (I know there is more to this story, but the tag it came with isn't in English. Oops.)

jeans, sandals from Target. striped tee from H&M. necklace from Africa.


Cara Stuckel said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. It looks so cute :) Thanks for the blog shout-outs. They are much appreciated and loved. You rock and your pictures are getting much more artsy.

Danielle said...

ha, I'm glad they look 'artsy.' I was just going for 'not so boring.'

thanks for the necklace!

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