Whatever Lola Wants

Went to Lola last night for dinner (thanks Groupon!) and am still having mixed feelings about it. My food was great. My service was fine. But I've read so many terrible things about their service; had less than stellar experiences there in the past when we were just going for drinks; and witnessed a group come in that had made reservations via Open Table, called the day before to confirm, had someone from Lola call them to confirm that morning, yet their reserved table was no where in sight when they showed up. Fail.

I guess I'll just say go at your own risk (during off hours, with a small party, try to sit at the bar, and don't be in a rush to get in or out of there....). 

 The Gravois Champagne Cocktail (it was okay... pretty much just tasted like plain ole champagne. You should see the glass of wine he poured me after this though.... HUGE)

 Lamb chops with carrot puree and mashed potatoes (I wasn't crazy about the sides, but man, those lamb chops. Delicious.)

Lobster 'corn dog' with mac and cheese (It must have been good because he practically ate it all, but said it was really rich. Only get it if you really like cheese.)


thedelishdish said...

I haven't had great experiences here either--both the service & food weren't great but maybe they're still figuring things out since they're relatively new...i'm open to going back but definitely not in a hurry!

Danielle said...

I'm for sure open to going back.... the food is pretty great (and I want to try those pomme frites!). But I will know going into it not to expect much.

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