The Great Flood

I thought I already had a lot on my plate this week - what with work, meetings, the holiday weekend coming up, having to get my car licensed - and then on Sunday night, I came home to a flooded basement. Cool.

Apparently, this is normal for city basements. I'm lucky that it is just storm water (and mud) and not sewage or anything and nothing too valuable was damaged. I'll have to throw out some magazines and my area rug. I'll have to do a bunch of laundry (now that my once 'clean' clothes are sopping wet). Worst of all, I have to clean up the mud. Yuck. I hate cleaning.
It's hard to tell how wet/dirty it is in pictures... but I promise it is.
My rug now makes a nice squish squish sound when you walk. Wonderful.
My most valuable ruined item... the magazines I was going to finish reading are now ruined.
This is what surrounds my washer and dryer. Exactly what you want next to your clean clothes...
And (miraculously) my ancient television still works, despite spending the weekend sitting on a water soaked rug.
Maverick is actually happy about the situation because I'm making him sit on the couch instead of the wet rug (like he was ever not allowed on the couch anyway...)

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