Lace It Up

Can everyday be an Everybody Everywear day? I like someone telling me what I have to wear. It is so much easier (You can blame that on my Catholic school background....). Today is lace day and it made me realize I own a lot of lace things... too bad most are 'night time' shirts and are barely work appropriate. Thank goodness for this dress (yes, dress). 

Lace always seems so dainty and delicate and girly. I was hoping pairing it with black would toughen it up (plus I'm a sucker for a black/navy combo), but I think the silver heart necklace and fluttery sleeves just injected a healthy dose of estrogen right back in. Ah well. Good effort, Danielle. 

black skinny jeans, dress and black flats from Target. silver heart necklace via Mom. 
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Linda said...

I really didn't think lace was a look that I could pull off without looking too dainty and/or bedroom-esque. But this dress/top is lovely. And it is from Target you say? Hmmm...that is something I could totally see myself getting!
Thanks for joining us at EBEW!

Danielle said...

yep! I saw some others on the EBEW page that have pieces from this Merona line! I got this dress, but there was also a top and a pencil skirt (VERY Kate Middleton!). And a one shoulder white dress that I was DYING for.

here's the dress (currently it is out of stock though) http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/183-1153248-5219628?asin=B004GHJWRK&ref=tgt_adv_xasd0001&AFID=Performics_Fantabulously%20Frugal&ci_src=15781033&ci_sku=B004GHJWRK&LNM=Primary&ref=tgt_adv_XASD0001

matilda deathstar said...

Super cute (and not just because I'm wearing the shirt version of this dress!). I love the idea of wearing a dress as a skirt - adds so much versatility to a wardrobe.


suzanne said...

we could totally be twins! i love the dress/shirt you have on - i think i recall seeing it in target a few months ago and it wasn't in my size! i have always loved lace but never really wore much of it. i'm finding it appearing more and more in my closet, though!

have a great day!

awkwardly chic

Gracey said...

Love this. Gorgeous color and I totally approve of toughening lace up.

kimmie said...

Everybody Everywear days make it so easy to decide what to wear! I love having people tell me what to wear. :)

Your lace top (err... dress) is so cute! the color is gorgeous and looks so cute with the necklace!

Danielle said...

thanks for all the complimets guys!

(a) wearing dresses as shirts has changed my life. SO many more options!

(b) I loved this take on lace because it made it everyday - not too delicate, not too sexy. I think a lot of EBEW ladies were able to do that with their looks!

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