Am I Doing This Right?

The Double Belt. I've seen other bloggers with these kinds of belts and it always looks so cute, so when I saw my new striped Target dress came with one I was pumped (two items in one!). But I'm not really sure I did it right... it sort of just looks like a normal belt, no?

The Stacked Bracelets. I know I'm not doing this right well. I just don't have a lot of bracelets that work well to be stacked (I have a lot of big cuffs or bangles) and I can't handle the clanking. This afternoon, I switched the red/silver bracelet to the other wrist because it was driving me nuts.

The Style Blogging. Seriously. Am I doing this right?

(Oh, and that last picture was an attempt to show off the neckline of this dress. And prove to you I actually have hair. When I wear it back in a bun, it's hard to tell...)

dress from Forever 21. cardigan, flats and belt from Target. assorted bracelets. 

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