Things Are Lookin' Up

Today started off rough - a early morning wake up call to get to the DMV, only to find I was missing some of the paperwork I needed - but is turning out to be pretty perfect. The weather here is gorgeous. I had Bogart's for lunch. It's massage day at my office. And tonight, I'm celebrating Social Media Day with some of the coolest folks I know.

top by Theme (via Swirl). jeans, flats from Target. necklace from LinleyShea. assorted bracelets. 


blueberry said...

Target jeans always look so cute on you!! Which ones do you get? I'm so hesitant to buy them, but I may be having a change of heart. :)

Danielle said...

I get Mossimo skinny jeans. They are SUPER stretchy. Almost like leggings. I where them everyday and go through another pair every few months... but at $20, it's totally worth it.

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