FYI Friday

a few FYI's 
  • I'm leaning forward to try to get the gingham print on my shirt to show up in the picture. It still is barely visible. Don't judge me. 
  • my hair looked good today. I say that in past tense because it does not look like that anymore. In fact, I'm about to throw it up in a ponytail. 
  • this looks like a 'casual Friday' outfit, but it's not. Yesterday, I literally wore a Hanes white tee to work. Now that's casual. 
  • it looks like a pretty day in those pictures, eh? Well it's not. It's gross and gloomy and rainy and needs to stop because I'm going to a slip n' slide BBQ tomorrow. 

gingham shirt from Tommy Hilfiger. jeans and sandals from Target. assorted bracelets same as yesterday

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