Wiig Worthy? Day 30.

Day Thirty
That's it! Megan and I are done! No more 'these thirty items only'. I'll have a recap of the last 15 outfits and some thoughts on the whole challenge in general (you know, it is my second time around the block so I'm pretty much an expert now..... [sarcasm]).

I'm channeling Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids today, or trying to at least. The movie is funny, of course, but the wardrobe. Gaaah. It's perfect. Stephanie did this great post inspired by Kristen's outfits in the film and I'm obsessed. I want her clothes.

dress, blazer and flats from Target. no idea where the belt is from. necklace gifted from my parents' trip to Mexico. 


muddybuddy said...

you are totally channeling kristin wiig and totally pulling it off! :)

congrats to us! we survived the 30x30!

Stephanie said...

Love this! The funny thing is that I have the same dress and never thought of wearing it with a blazer. (I always wore it with a jean jacket or cardigan. Great outfit to end your 30x30 with. Now I want to watch Bridesmaids again. :P

Ruby Girl said...

you just might have the world's best smile. and i love this outfit! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

Danielle said...

awww THANK YOU. you all just made me day... or week, or year, or life.... :)

suzanne said...

it's official . . . we ARE blogger soulmates! wasn't that movie the best?? and the clothes! she looked so cute, even when she was supposed to be all grubby in her sweats. i love kristen wiig!

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