Pinterest Project #1 (Fail)

To be honest, this isn't the first idea I've gotten from Pinterest. I've attempted to cook a number of items from my treats board and depend on my getting dressed board almost every morning as I pick out something to wear, but for the sake of the blog.... we're just going to call this #1.

And it failed. 

The back story: My shower sucks. When I moved into my apartment (almost 2 years ago), it was awesome. In fact, the pressure was so good it almost hurt to shower. Over the last six months or so though, it has just sucked. I swear sometimes only like three little holes have water coming out. The rest is just midst. It's tolerable, but annoying. First world problems, I know.

I got some CLR and soaked it in there for a weekend when I was out of town. When I came back, it worked awesome.... for about a week, then back to the midst. I still spray it with CLR almost everyday when I get out of the shower. That keeps it working okay. But if I forget for a few days... it's back to the midst.

I was about to give in and just buy a new shower head when I saw this trick on Pinterest: Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie on to your shower head to clean off any grime or build-up.

So I tried it. 

I let it soak like that for 24 hours, hoping that the Pinterest gods would bless me with a good-as-new-shower head.... Too bad that wasn't the case. 

It worked about as good as the daily CLR does, and I used up a quarter of my bottle of vinegar. Fail

I'm adding 'showerhead' back on my shopping list. 

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Erik Schwenke said...

You should go for the color-changing LED showerhead-

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